Get your Deathburgers for pickup or delivery
via the Storm Crow Manor!

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I never saw such a deadly burger in all my life. Then I remembered I got a whole bucket full. I died of happiness.

- Burger Bob

Wow what a tasty bucket o' sliders. Thank you Death Burger. One thing's for sure. My hunger is stone cold dead.

- Shia L'Boeuf

I have been searching for sliders such as these for my entire 98 years of life. Ol' Arlo's gonna hang on a few more years thanks to these tasty sliders.

- Ol' Man Arlo

Always bet on black! Our sliders are 1.5oz of AAA Canadian beef on a charcoal-black skull-branded bun. Available now for delivery via Grim Reaper in the Toronto area, and coming soon to an afterlife near you. R.I.P. your hunger.

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